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Miele Blizzard CX1 Bagless Vacuums

      Miele has announced their Bagless line of vacuums. They had previously said they would not be going into the bagless market without a cleaner way to dispose of the dirt in the dirt container. By moving the fine dust filter from the dirt cup to another compartment Miele has achieved a cleaner way. They are using a single cyclone to separate the larger dust and a fine dust filter in another compartment to remove the fine dust. In other bagless vacuums they are one in the same so when you empty your bagless compartment the fine dust drifts back out into your air and into other rooms not settling on the ground or furniture for weeks. This is the reason that your indoor air quality is up to 5 times worse then the outside air quality. Thanks to miele they have solved the issue by using a separte container for a fine dust filter. The fine dust filter will filter out the fine dust and is self cleaned and self contained. To empty out the fine dust container just run water through the fine dust container and shake around like you might with orange juice. Dump out the water and remove the filter to dry. This only needs to be done once to twice a year. The Miele Blizzard CX1 also has a Lifetime HEPA airclean filter. 

      With the use of multiple smaller cyclones bagless vacuums were able to filter the fine dust with just the cyclones into the dirt container. This also makes the vacuum motor have to use full power in order to pull that fine dust through all those small cyclones. By removing the fine dust filter from the bagless dirt container and using just a single cyclone Miele has made it possible to use adjustable suction. The bagless canister will have 4 settings opposed to their bagged canisters that have 6 settings. The Miele Blizzard CX1 will be the first bagless vacuum with adjustable suction allowing you to vacuum your curtains without pulling them off the wall or dust your pictures off without pulling them off the shelf and breaking glass. 

      Like their bagged vacuums the Miele Blizzard CX1 bagless vacuums have been developed and produced in Germany and tested to last 20 years. Miele announced the release of their Blizzard CX1 bagless lineup at the IFA 2016 with just a few details of when we can get our hands on them. They are set to launch in october in Germany and have not yet announced a release for the US market. From IFA 2016 videos there are at least three models the Excellence, the Cat & Dog, and the Comfort. However the German bagged models differ from the models that are sold in the US and don't think models to be the same here with their Blizzard CX1 lineup. Their bagless cleaning performance nearly matches that of their bagged vacuums. They will not be getting rid of their bagged vacuums they just want to offer a choice to their customers.


The Miele Blizzard CX1 Bagless Line

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